Here's a quick rundown


At GOGi we are known for our large array of Korean BBQ items; there is something for everyone. Vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free, pescatarians; we got you covered! The nice thing about Korean BBQ is that it brings everyone together. A meal to be shared with friends & family. So gather a group of friends or some family members, save a date & come visit us for a night of quality authentic Korean BBQ.

What Comes with It?

When you order from this section, you receive one small steamed egg & one small bean paste stew for the table to share. All other items such as sesame oil, lettuce, green onion, garlic & jalapeños are upon request.  Since the KBBQ section of the menu is beyond the appetizer portion of the menu, you will be getting banchan & will be able to request for rice.

On the Table

When you order Korean BBQ you should expect to see...

     -a gold ring around the grill

     -a pair of scissors

     -two pairs of tongs

     -sauce trays


So what are these for?

Gold Ring: This serves to remove the smoke aspect & a barrier for your meats from falling into the deep dark hole of the grill.

Scissors: These are for cutting the BBQ meat. We suggest cutting the BBQ when it is almost done cooking as it will be easier to maneuver the scissors or simply to check if your BBQ is ready to eat. Trust us, scissors over knives.

Tongs: Just another utensil to handle your BBQ meat. 

Sauce Trays: These are for your dipping sauces for the BBQ. The sauces are found on the table.

Banchan: Yes, ordering BBQ scores you banchan. I mean it is technically 'beyond' the appetizers page...


It's not as hard as your think! for smaller KBBQ pieces of meat, (brisket, thin pork belly, tongue, bulgogi, etc.) put a larger portion on the grill to prevent sticking and burning from happening. By putting a good portion on the grill a lot of the fats from the meat come out, it'll give the grill a nice coating so you don't have to scrape your meat off the grill; no one wants to be scraping little burnt scrapes off of their grill, right? From here flip/whisk you meat on the grill with the tongs provided. 


I'm Here for the KBBQ & the KBBQ only!

The Combos A, B & C are for 2~3 people. 

All other BBQ meats are of one type that serves 1~2 people.

An example of a popular compilation of items ordered by a party of 2:

Stater--> Seafood Pancake &/or Fried Dumplings

Main--> Combo C

Still interested in Dessert?-->Green Tea Tempura Ice Cream

Other Dishes:

Not a grilling type of day? We offer a sharing size soup as well: our Casseroles. these are essentially very large soups that are served with a burner to keep it bubbling as you are enjoying your meal. All other menu items are personal dishes.

Banchan // Side Dishes

Side Dishes are a big deal when it comes to a Korean meal. It's traditional to have little nik naks of sides to munch on during a meal. Our staple side dishes are kimchi & fish cakes; the other side dishes are subject to change daily. 

The banchan is actually not on the menu but as long as you order something beyond the appetizer ( small dishes/starters) portion of the menu your table will be brought banchan to your table.

Wanna take some home?

Due to popular demand, we offer sides of rice togo & pint sized togo containers of our homemade kimchi & fishcakes for $5. 

Free soft Drink! (2 per party)

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